Hey lovely ladies out there! Did you start your sporting for this year or not yet?! For the ones who didn’t, I tell you it’s about time. Your kids are already well settled in their classes, your tan is fading away, cold is on the doors, so it’s time for you to hit the floor … Lire la suite Fitness

Keep believing

Sometimes you think that everything is possible, then you meet a big disappointment, a time of failure or grief, you fall apart and moving on just becomes hard or a betray to your conscience. At that moment you will need inspiration, force, bravery. Loving people around you might give you a hand, words of consolation, … Lire la suite Keep believing


We all lived in our childhood marking moments. Moments happy, sweet heartwarming that we would never forget the taste or the feeling. These moments we cherish and try to keep them in our memory close enough to grab whenever we feel down or nostalgic. That diary inside our brain full of such moments becomes so … Lire la suite Panettone