Hey lovely ladies out there! Did you start your sporting for this year or not yet?! For the ones who didn’t, I tell you it’s about time. Your kids are already well settled in their classes, your tan is fading away, cold is on the doors, so it’s time for you to hit the floor … Lire la suite Fitness


Today I’m really inspired by this Lebanese speciality, Fraké. It’s one of the most traditional starters known all over Lebanon. It requires some mastering in working raw meat and it’s stuffing called Kamouné. Yet, once we have the ingredients ready it becomes quite easy, just add too much love and success is  certain. In fact, … Lire la suite Fraké

Les English cakes et les raisins secs en fin!!

J’adore les raisins secs!! Pendant des année, si j’ose dire, j’ai tenté les rajouter à mon cake sans succès!!😂🙄 Pourquoi?🤔🤔 Les raisins secs tombées toutes au fond du cake!!😬 J’ai essayer une astuce et ça a marché 💪🏻. Mettre simplement une cuillère à soup de farine aux raisins secs (un verre pour la quantité), et … Lire la suite Les English cakes et les raisins secs en fin!!