Pâte sablée

Ingrédient 500g de farine. 250g de sucre fin. 250g du beurre. Un sachet de sucre vanillé ou une cuillère de sirop de vanille. 2 œufs. Quelque goutes de jus de citron. A la main ou dans un robot, mélangez le sucre, le beurre, la vanille, le citron, et les oeufs. Rajoutez la farine et faites … Lire la suite Pâte sablée

Beef stroganov

Ingredients: 1 kg beef short slice cut. 1 chopped mushroom tin can. 1 big onion. 1 garlic. 1l sour cream (fresh cream). Butter. 5 spoons of Balsamic vinegar. 3 spoons of mustard. 3 spoons of soy sauce. 1 spoon tomatoe paste. Start by frying in the pan the chopped garlic and onion with the butter. Add … Lire la suite Beef stroganov

Pumpkin soup

Ingredients: 3 slices pumpkin. 1 carrot. 2 mid onions. 1 sweet potato. 1 sweet turnip (if you like). One cup (orange) lentils. Big tbs. sour cream, or Philadelphia. Olive oil. Heat the olive oil in the saucepan, sauté the onions till golden, after peeling the vegetables chop to middle cubes, and add the whole to … Lire la suite Pumpkin soup


Hey lovely ladies out there! Did you start your sporting for this year or not yet?! For the ones who didn’t, I tell you it’s about time. Your kids are already well settled in their classes, your tan is fading away, cold is on the doors, so it’s time for you to hit the floor … Lire la suite Fitness

google translator

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