Here another popular ingredient, Frikeh! Frikeh is green wheat roasted sun-dried then rubbed. It’s flavor is unique and delicious. Frikeh means rubbed. It’s healthy and full of nutritional components like protein, vitamine B, fibers and minerals like manganese. Frikeh is mostly known in Middle Eastern countries specially Lebanon, Eygipt, Tunisia among others. I always get … Lire la suite Frikeh


I always watch nature and get inspired. As we had a particular hard and cold winter in Paris this year. All plants and trees on my terrace were  sadly without life. No green leaves at all and some of them were frozen. I was very busy during that period to take care of them, this … Lire la suite Blooming.


Today I’m really inspired by this Lebanese speciality, Fraké. It’s one of the most traditional starters known all over Lebanon. It requires some mastering in working raw meat and it’s stuffing called Kamouné. Yet, once we have the ingredients ready it becomes quite easy, just add too much love and success is  certain. In fact, … Lire la suite Fraké