Hey lovely ladies out there! Did you start your sporting for this year or not yet?! For the ones who didn’t, I tell you it’s about time. Your kids are already well settled in their classes, your tan is fading away, cold is on the doors, so it’s time for you to hit the floor with some rocking movements to make you feel dynamic and tonic, and why not sexy!! Choose your fitness classes, gym, or club and to keep it on as a good resolution all year long, here some tips for a better choice regarding you practice place:

  • First of all choose your gym next to Your living place, in your district, so you can have an accessible walking distance, and to be always motivated in case you feel lazy to make far distances.💪
  • Ask always for a trial session, it’s your right!! For it’s better to see how it is once inside your course, if you like the skills of the coach. If the number of participants is over or just fine. And too simply if you like the classe you chose or not.🤓
  • Look always for tidy clean sport rooms, or clubs, you don’t want to catch some bacteria and get sick!!!🤒
  • Why don’t you motivate a friend or more to attend the same courses with you? With friends it’s always more fun and motivating!✌
  • Make a research on internet and call the club to ask about formulas that fit your budget💲

These few points should be enough to keep you friendly with your sport. Keep it up and stay motivated ladies, and don’t forget to love yourselves❤

Get addicted to what makes you healthier and gorgeous from inside 😘😘



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