Awareness for children’s security

When we were little our parents told us stories about red riding hood and  « the Wolf ». We thought the Wolf is an imaginary character. Well! No!

Between fary tales and reality seems the only common thing is this malicious character which is the Wolf.

Yesterday a friend of mine called me crying and frightened, she witnessed something that turned her sick.

An unknown guy of early age managed to enter her building after a maid, that was entering to reach the appartement where she works. He took the elevator with her, was armed, stopped the elevator and raped her. The time that the genitor of the building understood that something wrong was going on and called the police, it was too late.

As a mother my mind directly turned to think about all the children that come back from school, about our teens that in many occasions get back home, or visit a friend, ALONE,  and have, somewhere, to meet the « Wolf » ALONE.

I talked to my kids about this, and asked them never ever to get the elevator with an unknown person. Though unfortunately  it’s not enough! I asked them to step back and pretend they are talking to someone on the phone and say they are waiting for dad to go up with him. Or just call the genitor of the building and warn him about this person.

Talk to your children about their safety, tell them that you do trust that they are super heros, cause teens usually get sarcastic when we ask them to be cautious. But that the problem is not them! Its the malicious sick people that live in the same society with us. Tell them facts, though it’s aggressive to hear such stories, find the right words.

To my little of 7 years I said that the agressor beat the poor lady, as to my teen daughter and sons I pronounced the word « raped » her!!

On parallel I think it’s very important to give our todlers the tools, like courses of martial arts, sports of defence and attack like fencing. For the least they would manage their reaction, hopefully,  better.

Since we were young they told us stories, about good an eivel. I think we should keep telling these stories to our kids, and as they get older give them real examples, not to scare them, but to warn them.  Use a calm and confident tone, let your voice pass their ears, and pray that our God protect them🙏🙏❤



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