IMG_2931I always watch nature and get inspired. As we had a particular hard and cold winter in Paris this year. All plants and trees on my terrace were  sadly without life. No green leaves at all and some of them were frozen. I was very busy during that period to take care of them, this made me deeply unhappy seeing them fading.  Mars came by, still cold, still raining, but one morning while taking my coffee I saw a burgeon. I came closer to my nectarine tree to make sure. And yes!! Its coming back to life again, its flourishing . I thought then that nature must be a female, must be a mother to rebound and rise against all odds and despite obstacles. Nature shows us that there is always hope, there’s life to cherish in our sad experiences. And there’s always an answer to our prayers . Never lose it. Keep believing through your hard moments. Keep your wishes alive in your heart, they will bloom one day like little burgeons and comfort you.❤


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