Lebanese homemade thym (Zaatar).

img_2325Today home smells like home. Lebanese have a very special way to make and eat thym, called zaatar.     Thym is dried and reduced into powder traditionally. This is pure thym.

But the known za3tar used in pastry or sandwiches with olive oil, is a mix of this thym powder, sesame grains, sumac( a plant with red grains having a soft acid taste very known in lebanon), and salt. Zaatar is fabulously delicious and it’s even better when it’s homemade. They say that it contributes to renforce intelligence and  memory. Moms propose to their children from young age za3tar with a dash of olive oil on bread. Usually they like it. My kids do!!🤗

Today I run out of this mix, but I had the ingredients to make again. My house smelled so nice and felt like back again in my grandmother’s house. While I’m here in Paris, I was transported back to my childhood.

Will my kids feel the same about it when they are old?!!😉

Anyhow I’m sure odors wake up memories. Hope my kids will have many sweet ones like I have🤗❤

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