img_2247Today I’m really inspired by this Lebanese speciality, Fraké. It’s one of the most traditional starters known all over Lebanon. It requires some mastering in working raw meat and it’s stuffing called Kamouné. Yet, once we have the ingredients ready it becomes quite easy, just add too much love and success is  certain.

In fact, every region in Lebanon has its own recipe for doing (kammouné); the stuffing that we mix with the mashed fresh raw meat. It adds a delicious taste and consistance as its a mix of bulgur    ( cracked organic wheat), fresh onion, mint, basil, cumin, roses petals, hot spice, and salt. You may find the spice mix ready in some Lebanese food markets. You only add the bulgur, onion and mint. You mix all together in a blender to obtain the kammouné stuffing.

I personally add two or three slices of red fresh pepper which gives a beautiful color and lovely taste.😉

However, attention, raw meat should be extremely fresh. And high norms of hygiene are required. Cut the meat into pieces (to help better the blender), and put in a freezer bag and in the freezer for about an hour. It’s a must to free meat from certain bacteria.Then in the blender you mix until the pieces of meat become very well mashed.

I prefer to put the meat in the blender  just after I take off the mixed kammouné, without washing it, so that the mashed meat would absorb the perfume of all the spices.😋

Fraké is a finger food, to be eaten with hands and maybe with bread!

Don’t forget to dip fraké in extra virgin olive oil😉👌🏻. And munch some radish  with it.

Bon appétit!😘

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