Slow down

img_1071To all mothers out there, I say slow down. To all the moms that are on the run, doing hundreds of things a day, I say slow down. Take time to breath, to look at yourself. What you can do today, you may do tomorrow. I used to think that to be perfect I have to do everything perfectly at time, I even anticipated tasks to save time for tonorrow. Yes it’s an achievement in our heads, but so what? I’m learning to slow down, to take my time. I’m learning as a mom not to feel guilty when I never get to the end of a project today, cause there is always tomorrow. I’m accepting the idea that it’s  ok if I’m tired from running and instead I do things one at a time. And guess what?!! I enjoy more the morning drive to school when I’m training not to stress😂I find funny to listen to the stories of my little girl while I’m taking her Saturday morning to swimming classes. If I’m tired later to do the grocery it’s ok! We can eat « croq monsieur » or whatever😂 If an afternoon I planned to tidy up my drawers, and my son asks to receive a friend, I forget the drawers and will invite the friend, some fun won’t harm my tidiness. I wasn’t like this before, I had the superwoman syndrome. I know many of you think that to be a super mama you should be a superwoman, but no!! Save your health and slow down to have fun with your kids. You are already a supermom the moment you gave birth. Take my advise into consideration😘


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