Onion soup? Chose your table.

IMG_0934.JPGI’m a food lover. I like to discover and taste different recipes. But mostly I like reproducing these recipes in my kitchen. I love cooking and passing time in my kitchen. But I won’t hide from you that some recipes, even if I may try them in my kitchen, I prefer eating them at the restaurant, from the hands of a chef. Though so many times I came to the conclusion that homemade dishes are much more tasty. Still, certain ideas are to be savored and enjoyed in their « temple ». Onion soup, the real one, made with fresh caramelized onions and cheese gratin, is one of those masterplates that I would like to eat without any bother. To get chilled on a cold day, without smelling fried onions😂😂. It’s a rich  warm bowl that demands some work and technique. And as long as in my family only 2 of 6 of us would eat it🙄I’d rather spoil myself with this delicious « restaurant-made » soup. I recommend Carette, place Trocadéro , Paris, one of the best adresses to taste it.💋❤


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