The art of sandwich.

Who said sandwiches are snacks?!! Who put this cliché to this stuffed bread? Who ever said that sandwiches are less healthy than meals or even that they don’t consist a real meal?!!

Don’t think that if you are a mother, of one or more little ogres, it means that you only have to cook in big saucepans😂😂. Give yourself a break. Let’s take it this way. Let’s state all the benefits of sandwiches and their caracteristics besides the fact that they are quick:


  • They are stuffed with a selection of food we love.
  • They are stuffed in a bread absolutely « craquant » and delicious.
  • They may contain proteins, slow carbs, and vitamins.
  • They satisfy as much as a full plate.
  • They show your creativity.
  • you don’t have to wash pans and plates and forks😉😉.

So don’t feel any guilt to offer yourself and your family for lunch or dinner sandwiches. It’s a matter of culture! If you tell your kids that sandwiches are healthy, prepared carefully by your loving hands and that they contain food of their choice. And stuffed with another ingredients to add more taste. I’m sure they will appreciate. Don’t make the context of eating a sandwich a run away exercice from the kitchen. But instead a familial fooding experience. After all why not?!!🤗🤗

For me they are a wide panel of options to help your kids stay away from junk artificial industrial food.

Adopt it!! I did and it works😘💋😉



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