A good new resolution.

Would you really want to make a good new resolution on new year?One that would make good to you and to your family. The resolution that puts some of your family plans into perspective. And arrange, organize as well as help you to plan better. It regards your health, their health, and your daily care🤗. If YES😃Then go to the kitchen, open your cupboards, drawers or wherever you arrange your food packages, take them out, look at the dates and start sorting. Through away the expired ones. Believe it or not it’s an exercise that makes you feel better. A moral attitude towards yourself and your family. Throw what’s out of goodness. What’s no more beneficient for you. This is a responsible act, a good resolution to adopt.

Today I attacked my kitchen drawers and the cupboards where I arrange the supermarket items. And as I’m a mom of 4 kids I do bulk buy. Big quantities of different items, especially when we get those get 3 pay two promotions😂😂we find our cart huge.

I did find some expired packages, I threw them away. And I could plan for a better grocery for the next days. Anyhow it felt good to put some order and arrangement around.

voila!! A good new responsible resolution to start your year with. 😘😘


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