We all lived in our childhood marking moments. Moments happy, sweet heartwarming that we would never forget the taste or the feeling. These moments we cherish and try to keep them in our memory close enough to grab whenever we feel down or nostalgic. That diary inside our brain full of such moments becomes so dear again when we become parents. We think strongly that it’s what made us today. In someway it consists our stockage of happiness  and safety that provides us with wellness whenever we need. On a day like this I can’t but remember the first time I ate panettone. Such a tender cake with sugar flakes on it. A traditional Italian kind of brioche known specially in Lombardia region and Piemonti. Looks like Alpes mountains covered with snow. Panettone takes me back to those childhood days in Italy. The gentle neighborhood, the funny friends and my peaceful family. Now as a parent I find it important to transmit to our children the true valuable moments that made us happy. Traditions or not, plates , places, whatever! It’s an experience that we know it works to make them feel a glam of what’s good.


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