Parenting rhymes with sharing

Evidently as a parent you are the leader. You are the maestro. You are the one who decide. But that is one side of the job, and it’s never any good without the other side, the other complementary role; sharing the little stories of your children, being part of their lives, opening your mind to them, kneeling down to their level and see things from their point of view.  Be open to their suggestions, don’t take them as wills, but as suggestions and try to enjoy again your childhood through theirs. If you want your kids to hold good memories of you later on, create these memories now with them. Give them a part of you, let them enjoy you as a parent. Parenting isn’t only teaching rules and evaluating attitudes or correcting them, its about writing a common story between you and your kids, a story that will be read in years. So give them a good reading, let them enjoy your co-written book. Many times I have been advised to leave my children with my parents and take time to travel solo with my husband. But no! I do care about creating memories in all those places we visit. I felt so proud the other day when my eldest son found an album where I arranged pictures of a journey to Rome. He saw pictures of him so little in the stroller, visisting with us, having fun, and being held dearly in our arms. He felt that we wanted him to share that lovely visit to Rome. And it’s always been this way, even when I had the four kids, and I never regret. As for me and my husband we are adults enough to find time for us to pass alone. There are many different ways to arrange special moments. The intelligence is to « orchestrate » the time you spend with your kids as a family and the time you take for you to live as love birds. So create your own family album, you are the author now.


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