Love yourself

When a woman loves herself, she isn’t selfish. When a mom loves herself, she isn’t selfish. Love yourself means keep yourself in very good conditions, to be able to give others, to appreciate life and be radiating with love towards people around you. Every being gives logically from what he has. Our inner stock of emotions and confidence is the basis of  every action towards others. If you hate yourself you will hate others. If you are not self confident you will always blame others. And if you underestimate your person you will fail to have confidence in others or even help anyone around you to go forward. Thus, love yourself!! To give your family the instruments and tools to advance. Love yourself to respect yourself enough so your family respects you. In fact what you feel about yourself will be perceived and reflected by the individuals related to you. If you love yourself it means you eat healthier to keep yourself in good health for your kids, you will take care of their health with more consciousness. If you love yourself you will take care of your beauty, cause you are beautiful no matter what are your features, and believe me your husband, kids and friends will feel your beauty. You will dress better, definetly not more expensive , but what fits you more and shows your self comfort. You will love more the ones that surround you, and you will not wait for return. You will feel free of people’s judgement because when you are fulfilled you won’t care anymore. As a mom, I feel it’s an obligation for me to love myself, simply cause I’m readier each day to give my beloved ones a lot of me.


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