Moms and homeworks

I always think that I have already done my school. I’ve been through my homeworks and exams. And I remember when I was a student I used to think that once I become adult this torture will be over and will live happily ever after. Mmmm, actually no. It seems agendas and homeworks will always be haunting our peace until very very late « hahaha ». As I’m juggling among the agendas, homeworks and exams of my kids I think about all of you moms around the world. I know you stress for the accomplishment of your kids duties, their activities and the big managing of their week. One thing I would love to tell you is that it’s really worth. We might not see it now. But all our efforts are worth to be given to those very precious creatures made by us with love. I specially think about moms living abroad far from their natural support. Struggling alone against all odds. If our kids weren’t the one  that deserve the most our efforts then who??! One day they will get older, bigger and they might be so indipendent that they won’t need you anymore. Then you will know that you shared with them the most significant and selfless adventures of your life. And at that moment you will receive back, in many different ways, what you previously sow. Your children will make you realize that finally everything was worth.


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