What a mom needs

What a mom needs above all is her morning coffee. To reorganize her mind, to get deep thoughts, to  see her targets and most important start her day with a calm pleasure. As a mom of four ( 5 to 14 ) i have a full daily agenda. But first thing I do before waking them up to drop them to school is press the button of my coffee machine. I take 10 minutes for me. I drink  my cup, and vrooommm…                              Its very important to take time for us as parents early when all your home is still sleeping. A moment of calm where you can think peacefully, hear your heartbeats and see purely your thoughts, before « war ». Give yourself the time to wake up properly and healthily you will see it will make you much good. It will do much good to your kids too, cause you will feel less stressed, more smiling and more available to them. You will look like someone who has already taken his coffee.




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