About parenting with style.

I’m Mona. A Lebanese_French mother of 4 kids living in Paris. I cover many lifestyle themes like fashion, kitchen, beauty, culture, arts, music and socializing, always as a parent. I juggle often between grocery and shopping, sport and kitchen, socializing and managing the activities of my kids. Parental management is my domain and I ENJOY every aspect of it. I learned as a person living abroad to be my own coach on many levels; psychological, matrimonial, parental, physical, cultural etc. I had my master degree level 2 research in science of education when I had 3 little kids in kindergarden and school. I decided that my life as a mother, wife and « person » should be fully enjoyed and lived with style, even with all the ups and downs that accompany it.  Why this blog? Well, simply cause I have too much time left between my daily tasks, hahaha. Actually I love sharing and giving others whatever tiny thing that would add to their days a little light of support, advise or even fun. I’m not perfect and I don’t consider myself in anyway ahead of anyone. I love to exchange with others and find vocation to my lifestyle. My articles are mostly written in English but some will be written in French or Arabic depending on the way I want to express the subject. You will find the translator button next to the article. You might find some mistakes »hahaha », cause I write using my phone in the car on the red lights stops, as in waiting rooms, in front the school gate and in the kitchen. My slogan is « time doesn’t wait and never comes back ». I’m sure we will enjoy together this daily journal about lifestyle and parenting and hope you’ll  find my experiences and tips useful and funny. Have a nice reading.